How to Use Your New Camera to Video Conference

  1. Open the “NetMeeting” program

  2. Click the “Start Video” button (1.d) and adjust your camera so that you are centered and focused. To focus the camera, rotate the dark ring around the lens.

  3. Click the address book button (1.e). Click OK to the internet sign on dialog box, then make sure the pull down (2.a) is on speed dial. Double click the person you would like to call

  4. Type the IP address from the chart below of the person you would like to call in the black box seen in figure 1.a.

  5. a.       Click the call button (See figure 1.b)


          Science                  Math/Science                           Math      

    Gansz-           Bajor-                    Haslam-

    Tolbert-         Hilker-                   Leaverton-

    McGill-          Schapansky-        Nugent-

    Rose             Schiermeyer-        Rasbach-

    Mowrey-       Tonseth-               Tran-


  6. Wait for the person to answer your call

  7. To end the call, click the “hang up” button. (See figure 1.c).

  8. The first time you use your camera you will need to adjust the microphone and speaker volumes. Click the “adjust audio volume” button (See figure 1.f). Both microphone and speaker should be checked. (See figure 3) Start your adjustments with both set to the mid point.