8th Science Club Enrollment Form

For Astrocamp Attendance

This is a formality. To be able to attend a camp you must be a member of a school run club. By filling this form out your child will become a member of the 8th grade science club and will therefore be able to attend Astrocamp.


 Student's name (print)__________________________________


Parent's name (print) __________________________________


Parent's signature _____________________________________ Date __________________


Daytime phone number ______________________


Email  ____________________________________


Yes, I wish to enroll my child in the 8th. Grade Science Club so that he/she is eligible to attend Astrocamp.




Yes, I understand that the trip will cost approximately $150.00 and that a $25.00 deposit will be required if my child's name is placed on the list of 120 student reservations. (Cash or Money orders only.)


My science teacher's name and Rm. number is:


Mr. Rose, Rm.G-118
Mrs. Gansz, Rm. G-116
Mr Tolbert, Rm. B-104


*Please bring forms, cash or money orders, and questions to Mr. Rose in Rm. G118 before school, at break, after school, or during 1st. Period.  Do not interrupt regular classes. 


Thank you,


John Rose

8th Grade Science Club Advisor

(909) 485-5905




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Registration # ________

Registration Method-     Internet   or   Walk in