OTHER Science Project Ideas & Examples



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1.      What are the effects of TV on the study habits of Middle School students?

2.         What affect does different sodas or beverages have on teeth?

3.         What is the effect of different types of Earth, sand, etc. on plants?

4.         How does the shape of an airplane effect its lift?

5.         Lefties and VS Righties: is there any difference in their ability to do a task?

6.         What is the effect of temperature on the action of yeast?

7.         What is the best design for a solar collector?

8.         What is the effect of water, soil, light, etc. on seed germination?

9.         What is the preference of pond organisms for Light VS. Darkness?

10.       What is the best way to make compost?

11.       A comparison of washing techniques to remove bacteria dishes, silverware

12.       Is air space an effective insulator?

13.       Which preservative works best to prevent spoilage?

14.       Which substance is the best home insulator?

15.       The flammability of various fabrics.

16.       What is the absorption rate of paper towels, Kleenex, diapers, toilet paper?

17.       Can solar heat provide a consistent temperature for water in a doghouse?

18.       Which battery lasts longest?

19.       Analysis of how various toothpastes control bacteria?

20.       Analysis of how various mouthwashes control bacteria?

21.       Which type of nail holds wood the best.

22.       Which is the best glue, detergent, dishwashing soap, hand soap

23.       What percentage of people can be fooled by optical illusions?

24.       Will plants grow better with natural or artificial light?

25.       Any difference between bacteria found in human or animal mouth?

26.       Will a paper airplane or helicopter fly faster if smaller or different shape?

27.       Which metal conducts heat best?

28.       What is the best shape for a kite, best material, best tail?

29.       Which will bounce higher, a hot or cold ball?

30.       Is there a difference in power output different model airplane fuels?

31.       Is there a fertilizer cheaper and better than commercial fertilizers?

32.       What effect does aspirin and colors fertilizers have on plants?

33.       Does age make a difference in human perception?

34.       What the best method of preventing bread mold?

35.       Can salt water be inverted to fresh water?

36.       How fast do common garden snails travel; what affects these speeds?

37.       What is the effect of size or shape on the strength of magnets?

38.       Can mice distinguish colors, shapes, and patterns?

39.       Which chewing gum holds holds its flavor longest?

40.       Can people identify different kinds of Kool-Aid, and soft drinks?

41.       Do showers or tub baths use less water?

42.       Will more air make a basketball bounce higher?

43.       Are wood or aluminum bats best for homeruns?

44.       Which brand of popcorn is fluffier and leaves fewer kernels?

45.       Do roots always grow downwards?

46.       Which is the best stain remover, furniture polish, and cleaners?

47.       Are dark colors really warmer than light colors?

48.       How much trash is produced by a family of "4", a middle school, and a classroom?

49.       Is reaction time different by the age, sex and time of day?

50.       Can you identify spiders by the shape of their web?

51.       What are the effects of vitamin "B", on plants?

52.       Hydroponics: is it the best way to grow plants?

53.       What is the best way to eliminate crabgrass?

54.       Separating natural pigments in plants by paper chromatography?

55.       Create new use for weeds.

56.       What color do birds prefer?

57.       Construct a machine to play tic-tac-toe, chess, and checkers.

58.       Design a warning system for your home, room, and        refrigerator?

59.       Design a secret code machine.

60.       Design a method of protecting a doghouse from lighting.

61.       Forecasting weather: with home made instruments.

62.       Practical application of triangles.

63.       Odds and probabilities.

64.       Are lucky numbers lucky? Unlucky numbers unlucky?

65.       What materials holds dye best?

66.       Do natural dyes compare to commercial dyes?

67.       Does hot water freeze faster than cold water?

68.       What is the effect of freezing on clocks, batteries, fruits, and soap?

69.       Investigate acids found in fruit.  Difference in acid for frozen or fresh?

70.       How can you get water to boil faster?

71.       What is the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in various types of water?

72.       What effect does light have on photosynthesis?

73.       Is there a correlation between a full moon and behavior of people, and animals?

74.       Does the length of the sun's shadow vary with the time of day? Year?

75.       What type of shelter do sow bugs prefer?

76.       How do various types of rocks become soil?

77.       What factors affect soil erosion?

78.       Does salt affect the freezing or boiling point of water?

79.       What foods contain starch?

80.       What factors affect evaporation of water?

81.       What is the wind direction day, night, does direction predict weather?

82.       Does your home have hard water?  What is the hardness?

            What is the effect on the home?  On health?

83.       What is the best condition for mold growth, and bacteria           growth?

84.       Are you taller in the morning or at night?

85.       What is the effect of ? on the ? of ?.

86.       What color room do students perform a task best in?

87.       What temp. room do students perform best in?

88.       Does the environmental look of a room effect perceived temp?

89.       Does type of music effect performance on a task?

90.       Does lighting (color or intensity) effect performance on a task?

91.       Does physical attractiveness effect "perceived image" of an


92        Does the attractiveness of an individual effect their math ability?

93.       Do boys achieve higher scores on a given task than girls?

94.       Are 6th period grades in middle school lower overall than first period grades.

95.       Does the sex of an individual effect their 

            ability to see visual illusions?

96.       Do smells in the room effect ones ability to 


97.       Do attractive students get better grades than 

             less attractive students?

98.       Do boys remember boy-type pictures (football) better 

            than  girl-type pictures     (flowers)?