Science Project Ideas

Remember that these project ideas and outlines are meant to help you complete your own science project. But it is DISHONEST and UNETHICAL to copy someone else's project work samples and submit them as if they were your own. That's called plagiarism and it's a fast way to get a failing grade. It's okay to do the same project as someone else, or review what others have done so you can make your project better, but DO NOT COPY and pretend it's your project. Someone is sure to spot the plagiarism!!  

  1. Research and explain the concept of "supply and demand."

  2. Does having a web page impact business sales/marketing efforts?

  3. Research and compare the purchasing power of $5 in various countries around the world and compare that relative purchasing power to GNPs.

  4. Is it possible to use the past 5 years of weekly stock prices to predict a company's stock price for the next 60 days?

  5. What are the basic factors that determine whether or not a stock would be a good value and likely to appreciate?

  6. Research and explain the use and operation of product bar codes.

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