Science Project Ideas

Remember that these project ideas and outlines are meant to help you complete your own science project. But it is DISHONEST and UNETHICAL to copy someone else's project work samples and submit them as if they were your own. That's called plagiarism and it's a fast way to get a failing grade. It's okay to do the same project as someone else, or review what others have done so you can make your project better, but DO NOT COPY and pretend it's your project. Someone is sure to spot the plagiarism!!  

  1. What is the best design for a bridge built of toothpicks or Popsicle sticks?

  2. Which bridge design supports the most weight?

  3. What is the best design for a balloon-powered toy car? 

  4. What is the best design for a ringer aircraft?

  5. What is the best design for a toy car powered by a mousetrap?

  6. Demonstrate the effects of aerodynamic shaping by building and testing several different designs of CO2 powered model cars.

  7. Research and demonstrate the aerodynamic efficiency of various shapes using thin films to show turbulent flows.

  8. How does weight and shape affect the rate at which an object sinks?

  9. What methods can be used to protect a raw egg dropped from the roof?

  10. Which glue is the strongest?

  11. Research and demonstrate how a combination of heat and magnetism can be used to create a motor.

  12. Build a home-made solar panel which provides hot water.

  13. Which materials make the best insulators?

  14. Does sand particle size affect the durability of bricks?

  15. Research and demonstrate road building and blacktop paving by simulating the the process with a chocolate pavement.

  16. How can I build a home-made thermos bottle?

  17. How can I build a device to keep an ice cube from melting for 24 hours?

  18. How can I use sunlight to cook food?  

  19. How can I build a high-temperature solar furnace?

  20. What is the most efficient design for a windmill?

  21. How will different chlorine concentrations affect a carbon filter? 

  22. Compare various types of thermometers and determine which is  the most accurate.

  23. Research and demonstrate holographic imaging.

  24. Does film speed affect light tolerance?

  25. Compare passive solar heating using water as a heat storage device versus stone or brick as the storage component.

  26. Compare the efficiency of different types of solar cells in providing electricity.

  27. Which type of barrier is most effective in reducing highway noise?

  28. Design and construct a wind tunnel for testing airfoil shapes.

  29. What is the relationship between a wing's surface area and the glide time of an airfoil?

  30. How does the angle of its blades affect the flight of a helicopter?

  31. Which propeller shape and design will produce the most airflow for a fan?

  32. Design and construct a simple device to demonstrate hovercraft principles

  33. Which material is best for constructing a hot air balloon?

  34. Compare the relative efficiency of fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

  35. Does outdoor landscaping affect a home's energy consumption?

  36. What is the effect of dampening on a shock absorber?

  37. Which home smoke detection system works best?

  38. Compare the structural strength of a geodesic dome to that of rectangular shapes enclosing the same area.

  39. What is the strength of dome shaped eggshells as demonstrated by their weight bearing capacity?

  40. Which brand of paper towel is the most absorbent?

  41. Which brand of paper towel is the strongest?

  42. Designing towers made of paper.

  43. Designing towers made of pasta.

  44. Examine the factors that affect the strength of wooden beams.

  45. Which is stronger, solid wooden beams or laminated wooden beams?

  46. Which style of roof truss is the strongest?

  47. Which building design is best in withstanding an earthquake?

  48. Explain how images are formed  into pictures on TV screens.

  49. Construct a crystal radio detector and explain its operation.

  50. Demonstrate how an AM radio detector can be constructed out of scrap materials and explain the function of the various components.

  51. Construct a flashlight made of LED's (light emitting diodes).

  52. Research and demonstrate the construction and operation of a stereoscopic microscope.

  53. Analyze the best shape and design for an earthen dam.

  54. Which substance is best to use in blocking floodwaters?

  55. Compare different irrigation methods for energy efficiency, effectiveness and water conservation.

  56. Compare different metals as filaments in incandescent light bulbs.

  57. Research electromagnetically levitated train technology and then construct a working model.

  58. Compare transmission speeds of copper wires versus fiber optic cables.

  59. Can a small sensory robot be built for use on pavements and highways which will automatically search for and indicate when pavement or highway cracks of a certain size are found so they can be repaired?

  60. Determine the natural resonant frequency of glassware.

  61. Demonstrate voice communication on a light beam.

  62. Demonstrate voice transmission by varying a laser beam's amplitude.

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