Science Project Ideas

Remember that these project ideas and outlines are meant to help you complete your own science project. But it is DISHONEST and UNETHICAL to copy someone else's project work samples and submit them as if they were your own. That's called plagiarism and it's a fast way to get a failing grade. It's okay to do the same project as someone else, or review what others have done so you can make your project better, but DO NOT COPY and pretend it's your project. Someone is sure to spot the plagiarism!!  

  1. Compare the mean, median and range of heights for males and females in your class. How will this compare to a class one year older?

  2. What is the  probability of reaching into a bin and selecting a particular color of M&M candy?  

  3. Is there a difference in mass between differently colored M&M peanuts?

  4. Demonstrate the bell shaped curved for random distribution.

  5. Can the game of "Rock, Scissors, Paper" be used to demonstrate statistics?

  6. Does a sphere hold a volume greater than the apparent volume of a cylinder?

  7. Is it possible to add, subtract and do other math functions on large numbers by using only two numerical values like 0 and 1?

  8. Is it possible to develop mathematical systems based on numbers such as 4 or 5 instead of the normal base 10 system we use?

  9. Can parallax be used to measure distance to distant objects?

  10. Demonstrate experimental methods of determining the value of pi.

  11. Research, explain and demonstrate the use of fractals.   

  12. How do bar code labels work?  

  13. Determine how the size of a statistical sample affects its accuracy.

  14. In rolling dice is there a different probability for different numbers?

  15. Is the probability of "heads" really 50-50 in a coin flip?

  16. Can statistics be used to predict the contents of edible consumer products such as fruit snacks, a bag of jelly beans or M&Ms?

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