In Mr. Rose's Class

The physical science curriculum consists of units in Matter, Motion, Forces & Energy, Astronomy, and Earth Science.  In my class, students are exposed to a large variety of activities and are educated using several different teaching techniques, including visual demonstrations, computer simulations, hands-on labs, science projects, scientific readings and discussion.  At least 40% of the learning that takes place in my class is through hands-on activities.  Seeing may lead to believing, but doing it definitely leads to using it!  

I have one major motivating philosophy . . . TO MAKE SCIENCE FUN!  For too long science has been thought of as dull and boring, and for good reason.  It was taught in dull and boring ways!  Long monotone lectures and worthless demonstrations just don't cut it for most of us.  However, if you were to demonstrate a glitzy chemical reaction between two common substances to produce a new substance that would . . . let's say . . . rid you of bad breath forever, you would have some serious attention. I want to stimulate an interest in Science, not kill it!

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