Super Ball Lab

Description A chemical reaction takes place when 2 or more substances are mixed together and they "chemically combine". When substances chemically combine they lose their original physical properties and form a new substance with a completely new set of physical and chemical properties.


2 50 ml. beakers
paper towels
30 ml. isopropyl alcohol
disposable plastic cup
30 ml. sodium silicate
alcohol recycle beaker>


1. Describe the physical & chemical properties of each chemical before mixing them together.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Sodium Silicate

2. Pour the sodium silicate into the cup of isopropyl alcohol and IMMEDIATELY begin to stir the compound with your finger or stick. In about 10 seconds there will be a change and an excess of alcohol.

3. Remove the compound from the cup with your fingers, making sure to get as much of it as possible. Shape the compound into a ball shape with your fingers. Squeeze the ball with both hands to remove as much of the alcohol as possible from the compound.

4. Observe and experiment with some of your compounds new properties. Record the properties here.

Super Ball-

5. Take any excess alcohol to the beaker in the front counter. Carefully pour it into the beaker. Clean your table well, wash & dry beakers, and throw trash away. Keep super ball off of clothes and carpets.