*Please note that this is a list of all available video notes, 
not a list of all videos viewed throughout the year.

Bill Nye -Atoms & Molecules
Bill Nye-Phases of Matter
Bill Nye-Buoyancy
Bill Nye - Chemical Reactions
EUREKA -Matter 16-30

Bill Nye -Motion
Bill Nye-Gravity
Bill Nye-Momentum
Bill Nye-Buoyancy
Bill Nye-Balance
Bill Nye -Friction
Bill Nye- Simple Machines
Bill Nye- Spinning Things
Bill Nye- Light Optics
EUREKA -Inertia 1-7
EUREKA -Simple Machines
Back to the Future
Back to the Future 2
Back to the Future 3
Cool Runnings

Miracle of Life
Let's Talk about AIDS
Body Story -Teen Dreams

Bill Nye- The Sun
Bill Nye- The Moon
Bill Nye- The Planets
Bill Nye- Outer Space
Bill Nye- Space Exploration
Deep Impact
Apollo 13
October Sky
ID 4

Our Friend Martin
Secret Life on 118 Green Street
Fantastic Voyage
Jurassic Park
Lost World
A Bug's Life
Klondike and Snow

Once Upon a Forest
Fern Gulley
Body Story -Crash
Body Story -Out of Control
Body Story -Invaders
Body Story -
Body Story -
Body Story -
Body Story -