1.      What kind of simple machine are the ants walking up to drop off the food?

2.      Why does the ant get lost when the leaf falls in his path?

3.      What does Flick make with a blade of grass and a bead of dew?

4.      What happens to all the food on the offering stone?

5.      The ants gather the food and are afraid of what?

6.      What is the first law of leadership?

7.      What phrase does Hopper say that refers to another Disney Movie (Lion King)?

8.      Why is Flick going to look for bugs?

9.      What hit Broadway show is listed on the marquis as Flick enters the city?

10.  The bug “city” is located next to a human _______________?

11.  What’s familiar about the cup sitting on top of the counter at the bug bar?

12.  When Flick brings the bugs back to the colony, how do the circus bugs find out what Flick had in mind?

16.  When the ants pick leaves to cover the bird, the ants fall slowly to the ground on the leaves because of ___?

17.  What simple machine did the ants use to lift the bird into the tree?

18.  What does the Grasshoppers use for darts?

19.  What does Hopper demonstrate to the 3 grasshoppers at the bar using the grains?

20.  How does Princess Ada find out that the warrior bugs are just circus clowns?

21.  The reason that ants can accomplish so much is because they work ______________?

22.  When Dot takes her friends and hides in the tree, what does she over hear the grasshoppers saying?

23.  How does Dot get Flick to go back to the Colony?

24.  What is the signal to launch the bird?

25.  What happens when they go to launch the bird?

26.  How does Hopper die?

27.  What kind of simple machine is used to launch the fire works?

28.  What is at the end of the credits?

29.  What computer character from another movie shows up in one of the out-takes?