1.      Where did Zulu leave her babies?


2.      What happened to the male cub?


3.      Did the zoo staff think the babies would survive?


4.      Are baby polar bears commonly born in zoos?


5.      The babies were first kept in an _________________________


6.      How often do the babies get fed?


7.      Why were the keepers especially concerned about Klondike?


8.      The first change the keepers made to try to solve Klondike’s weight problem was to __


9.      What happened to Snow that threatened her life?


10.  Why were the babies crying all the time?  They had many __________   ______


11.  What did the keepers do to solve this new problem?  Did the change help solve this problem?


12.  What kind of therapist did the keepers call in to help the cubs?


13.  Do the babies like ice?


14.  How does Snow move to keep up with Klondike?


15.  Is there much public interest in Klondike and Snow?


16.  Why do the keepers first put the cubs in a baby wading pool?


17.  When the babies need reassurance, what do they do?


18.  How do the keepers “teach” the cubs to swim?


19.  What did the keepers do in the cub’s third home to protect them?


20.  In the wild, polar bears have been seen _________ miles from the nearest land.


21.  What happened to the keeper when the vet tried to check Klondike’s eye while he was eating?


22.  Why did the Denver Zoo have to send the cubs to Sea World in Orlando, Florida?


23.  Are the cubs happy in their newest home?