"Once Upon a Forest"

Video Questions

1.         Who was calling Abigail to go to class?_____________________________

2.         What kind of animal is Abigail?______________

3.         What was the name of the book that smashed the model flying thing-a-ma-flapper?____

4.         What does Cornielus do with the furlings?___________________

5.         What did they call the car?_______________________________

6.         What was the big surprise?_________________________

7.         What was the furlings behavior like?_________________

8.         What causes the gas truck to crash?____________________

9.         What was it that hurt Michelle?_______________________________

10.       What happened to Cornielus when he was a kid?_________________

11.       What were Michelle's injuries?_______________________________

12.       What was Cornielus's last warning before they left?____________________

13.       What happens to Abigail in the field?_________________________

14.       How did Abigail escape the owl in the tree?__________________________

15.       What kind of simple machine did they use to save Bosworth the bird in the mud?____

16.       What are the yellow dragons?_________________

17.       Where is the lung wart plant that they need?___________________________

19.       How did they get the plant?______________________________________

20.       What causes them to crash on their way home?_________________________

21.       How did they know that they were home after they crashed?____________

22.       What were the humans really doing that scared the furlings out of Cornielus's house?_____

23.       Does Abigail's dad come back?_________________________________

24.       Who's Mom and Dad did not survive?_______________________

25.       What was the message of this movie?