1.      Name the four main kids. ____________________________

2.      Who is Miles’ baseball hero? ______________________________

3.      What happen to Miles on the way to school? _____________________________

4.      Why is the report important to Miles? ______________________________

5.      Where do they go on the fieldtrip? ___________________________________

6.      Can you guess the voice of Mrs. Peck? ______________________________

7.      What’s special about the bedroom? __________________________________

8.      What happens when Miles puts on the glove? ___________________________

9.      How does the first Mom they meet treat them? ___________ Who do they meet? ________

10.  Martin says that his daddy says, “Hate is rooted in ______________.”

11.  Where do they end up after the baseball game? ________________________

12.  How old was Martin when he started college? _______________________

13.  What are Martin’s father’s “rounds”? __________________________________

14.  What was the bus boycott?  __________  In what year did it happen? __________

15.  What happened to Martin’s house? ______________________________

16.  What does Martin do when Turner tries to get the crowd to take revenge? _______

17.  Who was “Bull” Conner? __________________________________

18.  Who did Martin’s wife call to get Martin out of jail? _____________________

19.  What kinds of things did the police in Montgomery do to protestors? _________

20.  What object starts the time travel? ______________________________

21.  What is going on when they arrive back in 1963? _________________________

22.  What famous speech does Martin give? _____________________________

23.  Which familiar person do they see in the past? _________________________

24.  What is “the power of one”? _________________________________

25.  What do the kids see in a newspaper that makes them decide to go back in time again__

26.  Name 4 things that are wrong in the future when Miles brings Martin to see it.________

27.  Why does Martin decide he must go back to his time? _________________________

28.  What do the kids do at the end of the movie? ______________________________