1.   _________________ are in the beds of even the best housekeepers.


2.   An eggshell is strong because of the interlocking ___________________.


3.   The house _____________ has been living in human homes for 5,000 years.


4.   __________________ live in sponges and scouring pads.


5.   The sharp edge of a razor blade is really ________________________.


6.   The strange "oozy" creature that lives on the lawn is a_________________.


7.   The slug searches for a good place to grow and then changes to a ________.


8.   The spores are moved from one place to another by _________________.


9.   When danger threatens an ant colony, the eggs are carried to _________.


10.  Red ants have the advantage of ______________________________.


11.  The _____________ ants win the war over the _______________.


12.  Ice cubes are made of _________________________.


13.  _________________ are eating the table while ______ are eating the

       wood of the house.


14.  House flies are a danger because they carry and spread ______________.


15.  The skin flakes that fall to the floor are eaten by   _______________  ______.


16.  __________________ often lay eggs in the carpet.


17.  Atoms look like _________________________________.


18.  The spider's trap is a ___________________.


19.  The monster born in the front yard is a ________________________________.


20.  Did the mouse get caught in the trap? ____________________________.