1.       What happens to the little girl's dad while in the cellar?_________

2.       What does N________S____________S________L_______stand for?

3.       What is Bill's new job?_____________________________________

4.       What is Dorothy?________________________________________

5.       How does Dorothy work?________________________________

6.       How many Dorothy's are there?_________________________________

7.       Jonas has an instrument similar to Dorothy.  What is it called?_______

8.       What happens to Joe's truck?_____________________________

9.       Why does Bill change coarse while chasing the tornado?_____________

10.     What is the name of the town that Aunt Meg lives in?_____________

11.     What is the worst rating for a tornado?  F__________

12.     What happens to Dorothy #2?_____________________________

13.     Why is Joe so obsessed with chasing twisters?___________________

14.     What was Bill's first indication that the twister was coming to the town?_____

15.     What were the metal decorations/chimes supposed to do in Meg's front yard?__

16.     What happens to the town of Wakita?___________________

17.     Does Aunt Meg die?________________________________________

18.     Where is Meg's car?_______________________________

19.     What was the rating of the tornado that hit Wakita?  F______

20      What do they do to the sensors in Dorothy to make them fly?_________________

21      What happens to Dorothy #3?_____________________________________

22.     What comes flying out of the tornado and knocks the truck off the tree?_________

23.     What happens to Jonas?_____________________________________________

24.     How do they get Dorothy #4 into the tornado?__________________________

25.     Where does Joe and Bill hide from the twister first?________________________

26.     How do Joe and Bill save themselves from the twister?____________________

27.     Where is the safest place to hide from a tornado?_______________________