Apollo 13

1.   Apollo 13 is a (fiction, nonfiction) story.

2.   The first man to walk on the moon was _______________

3.   Jim Lovell's crew was scheduled for the Apollo ______ mission until someone got ill.

4.   Superstitious people were worried about the mission because of the mission number and the launch date, which were both _________

5.   The destination of the Apollo 13 Mission is the location called the _____________

6.   _________________ is bumped from the mission because of exposure to Measles. _________________ takes his place.

7.   The mission had a problem when Swigert did a routine ________ of the oxygen tanks.

8.   After the explosion, they knew there was a problem because they could see______________________.

9.   Because there is no gravity in space, the debris from the explosion_____________  ______________

10. The force of the ________________ pushed them off of their course so they have to use some fuel to correct it.

11. The air in the lander becomes contaminated by _______________________ from the three men breathing.

12. A team of men at Mission Control have to figure out how to ___________ the air.

13. Ken Mattingly works on how they should turn the _______________back on in the capsule.

14. After the capsule is started back up they have to fire the engines to make a __________ correction.

15. They use keeping the _____________ in the window as a guide to know when to stop the engines.

16.  The longest time out of communication during landing before had been ____________ minutes.

17.  The Apollo 13 is out of communication for over ______________ minutes.

18. Fred Haise should have flown ____________________ but it was cancelled.

19. Jim Swigert was elected to ______________but died of ____________ before he could take office.

20. Ken Mattingly never got the ________________ and went on to fly _____ and the ______

21. Jim Lovell went on to guide other astronauts in_____________   _____________