1.      What was the news cast lady talking about on TV? _____________________________________

2.      What happens when Marty goes to play the guitar? _____________________________________

3.    What time does the Doc want Marty to meet him at mall? _______________________________

4.   What is the name of the mall that Marty skateboards to? ________

5.      What time does Marty get to the mall sign? ______________________

6.      At what speed does the car have to reach to travel through time? ___

7.      What type of car was used to build the time machine? __________________________________

8.      What is the date that Doc invented time travel? ________________________________________

9.      What is it in the car that makes time travel possible? __________________________________

10.  What does the car use for fuel? ___________________________________________________

11.  When the terrorist come, watch the background. Do you ever see Marty (from the future) by

the mall sign? ____________________________________________________________

12.  What does Marty run over when leaving the farmers barn? (not the fence) ________________

13.  What day does the newspaper say it is? _______________________________________________

14.  What does Marty do that changes the way his parents were to meet?  ____________________

15.  Doc questions Marty about who is president in 1985 and thinks Ronald Reagan is an ______

16.  In 1955, the only way to generate 1.21 gigawatts of electricity is _________________________

17.  What was George writing in the cafeteria? _____________________________________________

18.  George was visited by an alien named _______________________from the planet ___________

19.  What does Doc tell the policeman he is doing? __________________________________________

20.  What does George do to Biff that changes the future? ___________________________________

21.  If Marty would not have been able to play the guitar what would have happened? __________

22.  Why would it be so bad for the Doc to know his future? __________________________________

23. At what time was lightning supposed to hit the clock tower? _____________________________

24.  When Marty watches himself go back in time, what is the name of the mall sign?

25.  The 1st time the Doc gets shot, was he protected with a bullet proof vest? ______

26.  What was the one important event that changed Marty’s Mom , Dad and Biff? ____________

27.  The second time Marty goes back in time, can he hit the same pine tree again? ___________