1.      This true story begins in ___________________ in the year_________

2.      Who is the push cart driver?

3.      Who is the Olympic sprinter hopeful?

4.      What was his profession?

5.      Irving Blitzer had a theory that _______________would make good bobsled pushers.

6.      The force to put the sled in motion comes from____________________?

7.      The force of_____________________ is added to cause the sled to go even faster.

8.      How does the team get the $20,000 they needed to go to the Olympics?

9.      The team needs more___________ to run on the ice but, less        _______________to allows the sled to go faster.


10. The competition clothing of skaters and sledders is form-fitting and smooth in order to reduce _____________________


11. The sled teams polish their sleds and sharpen the runners in order to reduce _____________ as much as possible.


12. The sledders all duck down low in the sled in order to reduce___________

13. Why did the team have such a hard time getting along with the other teams? __________________________________________


14. The driver must keep the sled from hitting the sides of the track in order to reduce ____________________


15.  The race was lost because _____________________.