"Fantastic Voyage"

Video Questions

1.       Why is Doctor Grant needed?_____________________

2.       Why do they have to go inside the man?____________________________

3.       What is the problem with miniaturization?________________________

4.       They are going to inject the sub into what artery?___________________

5.       List the names of

                             The medical doctor-

                             Dr's assistant-



6.       Why do they need to lower his temp.?_______________________________

7.       How will the sub be tracked?________________________________

8.       What is the name of the sub?_______________________________

9.       What is wrong with Dr Michaels?______________________________

10.     What is the first thing to go wrong?____________________________

11.     Why is going through the heart dangerous?___________________________

12.     How long can they slow the heart?____________________

13.     Where do they get more air?_________________

14.     How do they fix the laser?_____________________________ ____

15.     Why is going through the ear dangerous?____________________ _____

16.     What happens to Miss Peterson in the ear?________ __________


17.     Why doesn't the general kill the ant?_____ _______________________

18.     Who is the traitor? _______________What happens to him?______________

19.     How do they get out?_____________________ _________________

20.     Do you think that this could ever happen in real life?_____________Why or why not?           _____________________________________________