Video Notes


1.         The truck is loaded with explosives because the Government is concerned about____________________


2.         In explosions, ____________________ are rapidly rearranged.


3.         In explosions, chemical bonds are _____________________


4.        Explosions require ________________ and________________


5.        Gunpowder is made from ______________, and _______________


6.         Some of the fireworks used to celebrate the end of World War II went up as high as _________ feet into the air.


7.         Black powder contains _______________, and _____________


8.        _____________ was a Franciscan Friar who laid the foundation for modern science.


9.         The first weapon using black powder was the ________________


10.       Low explosives _____________________


11.       An example of a high explosive is _______________  _______________


12.      ______________ is caused when a chemical is compressed, making the pressure  increase.


13.       But, the energy is still released when the ____________ __________are broken.


14.       The _________ ___________ were established because the man who invented dynamite didn't want to be known as the Merchant of Death.


15.      ________________ is a mixture of nitroglycerine and clay.


16.       Gunpowder is not a good explosive for guns because it ___________ and shows where the shooter is.


17.       The atom bomb gives up enormous amounts of energy when the __________ of the atom is changed to pure energy.


18.       After the cold war was over, many ___________________were destroyed.