Balance Forces & Center of Gravity

1.      A twisting force is called _______________

2.      Tug-a-war demonstrates that when forces are _________, they are balanced.

3.      In order to stand up from a chair, you have to be able to move your _________  ____  _________ forward.

4.      When you push or pull an object you exert a __________

5.      If you push an object above its center of gravity it will __________   _________

6.      Everything, no matter what its size or shape has a _________   __  ________

7.      The balance point of an object is also called _________ ___ _________

8.      When forces are unequal, they are ___________

9.      Why can a girl pick up the chair and boys cannot?___________________

10.  What was the name of the music video at the end ?___________________