1.      What makes things float?

2.      Displacement means that something is _____________ out of the_________

3.      __________________ put in water will displace some of the water.

4.      The clay and aluminum boats float because of their ____________.

5.      The weight of the object in the water will be the _________ as the weight of the water that the object _______.

6.      Archimedes was the first person to discover that you could figure out how much space something took up (its     ____________) by measuring how much water the object displaced when it sank.

7.      When something sinks in water it is _______________ buoyant.

8.      When something floats in water it is ________________ buoyant.

9.      When something neither sinks or floats in water it is ___________ buoyant.

10.  Hot air balloons float in air because the air inside the balloon is _____________ than the air outside the balloon.

11.  If you fill the glass with water and ice, what will happen when all the ice melts?__________  Try it and find out.

12.  What is the title of the music video? __________________________