Letís Talk About AIDS


1.      One teenager is infected with HIV every _________ of every ______ in the U.S.

2.      AIDS stands for A_____________ I_____________ D________________ S______________

3.      HIV infects a specific blood cell called the ____________________ cell.

4.      Viruses are also known as __________________________

5.      Opportunistic infections can be caused by both _________ and __________.

6.      HIV is primarily spread through ___________________ contact.

7.      There is no such thing as ______________________________________________________.

8.      HIV can/cannot (circle one) be transmitted by casual contact.

9.      The B cell makes ___________________________.

10.  Cytotoxin T cells only attack __________________________ cells

11.  The initial period of HIV infection is called the ______________ phase and last about ______ weeks

12.  Helper T cells ___________during the average 10-year period of clinical latency.

13.  ___________ helper T cells are destroyed by HIV and replaced by the body everyday.

14.  Up to _____________ viruses are produced everyday in someone who is infected with HIV.

15.  The only sure prevention against this disease (HIV) is __________________.